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Thursday, April 9, 2015

5 Pinterest Trend Quotes 04/19/2015

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5 Pinterest Trend Quotes 04/19/2015

We Should Love, Not Fall in Love, Because Everything That Falls, Gets Broken. ― Taylor Swift 
By: Jerome Ibuyan

Rumi Quote Art Print - Old Friends

I love the Serenity Prayer. I was so surprised to learn that there was a second stanza. Most people are only familiar with the first stanza.
By: Jerima Espinosa

quotes from alice in wonderland | Alice in Wonderland E very Adventure Requires a First Step wall quote
By: Autumn Contreras

you need to realize what you have while you have it or one day you'll wake up and it will be gone

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Facebook Timeline Design

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Facebook Timeline Design

Evangelion By: Night Raid on

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Evangelion Post By: Night Raid on




Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My 5 Pinterest Anime Trends For 4/8/2015

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Chrollo | Hunter x Hunter
By: cybele albuquerque

Naruto Eye's
By: Taylor Valley

gajeel and levy -- when you're short, you make it work anyway
By: arielle aguilar

Hell, Alexander Nikolaevich "Sasha" | Seikon no Qwaser #manga
By: C'est la Vie Puga

Fairy Tail - Juvia, Erza, Levi, Lucy
By: arielle aguilar

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